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Thread: px.sdl.pas - quick start and light companion unit for SDL2 + Delphi.

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    px.sdl.pas - quick start and light companion unit for SDL2 + Delphi.


    I'm just a beginner with SDL 2.0, and I dare to share my modest journey with Delphi and SDL 2.0. Since the activity on the web around this combination is very low maybe this could be useful for someone
    like me, wanting to start working with SDL 2.0 as quick as easy as possible while at the same time keeping the interaction directly to the SDL 2 api.

    Inspired by previous work with Lua and Love2D, I just wanted something that every time I want to start a new test or project, with minimal code I get an SDL2 application ready, but other good solutions around try to offer a full engine while I just wanted to work directly with SDL 2 that is actually easy.

    So this is the minimal example of use of the unit:

    With your permission I'll use this thread to share my journey, my findings, the problems, and solutions.

    Github project:
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    Are there much benefits in sdl 2.0? i know the original sdl was actually quite terrible in my experience.
    This is my game project - Top Down City:

    My OpenAL audio wrapper with Intelligent Source Manager to use unlimited:

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    I was unsuccessful also with SDL 1.2, that I have to give up a few years ago, I couldn't even draw my first texture. But SDL 2 is a better modern conception. The main benefits are the easy low level cross-platform access to everything you need to make a game. But will not find extra features that usually comes with game engines, just the basic for a 2D game, if you need 3D, SDL2 can provide an OpenGL context.
    Read more here:


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