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Thread: Dellegro - Delphi Allegro Game Library

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    Dellegro - Delphi Allegro Game Library

    Allegro 5 Bindings | Monolithic DLL | Thin Game Framework


    For a contract project I am working on, I needed a full featured/latest release bindings for Allegro 5 library for Delphi for which a thin game framework could be built on top. So I forced my way through the very painful process of converting Allegro C headers to Delphi. For this project it needed to be 32 bits, support the newer versions of Delphi with a minimal DLL/binding unit count.

    I had never used Allegro before and I'm liking it very much. Video playback out of the box, virtual file system that supports zip files. You just have to mount the zip and read in your resource as normal. It will even play the video from within the zip. The API is simple and easy to pick up.

    I'm making it available if anyone needs something similar for Delphi, saving you the trouble of doing the conversion yourself. Trust me, if not for a high degree of need, it would have not gotten done otherwise. I had considered a conversion about a year or so ago, but could not be bothered wading through all those c header files and c syntax. Oh my... a HUGE reminder of why I love Delphi so much.

    NOTE: This project was created for very specific needs/time frame so using existing bindings was not possible. However, I do want to acknowledge the great work done by other binding authors. Respect!

    Version supported:

    - Tested on Delphi 10.2.3
    - 32 bit monolithic binary
    - Windows only

    Road map:
    - Continue improving/fixing issues, keeping it update with latest allegro
    - Add more examples
    - Add a framework to easily make game projects
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    Looks like an amazing task you did that will happy to take a look.
    But the link is broken... have you considered to publish it on github?

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    Hi, thx. Hmm... I just tested on IE, Edge, FireFox and Chrome and I was able to get the file on all. What specific error are you getting? which browser are you using etc. Yea eventually I will move it there. Just had not had time to setup an account and get it posted.

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    Version 2018.2:
    - Added ex_acodec and ex_inject_events examples
    - Added hepatic and touch_input routines
    - Added all experimental|unstable labeled routines
    - Added '&' symbol in front of record field names that conflict with Delphi keywords. (ex if (event.&type = ALLEGRO_EVENT_KEY_DOWN) then...
    - Fixed a few routine prototype params
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    Version 2018.3:
    - Added ex_opengl, ex_opengl_pixel_shader, ex_ttf and ex_camera examples
    - Added allegro_opengl routines
    - Added al_draw_multiline_textf
    - Misc fixes and enhancements
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    Hello! Very interesting but where is the link to download the library?

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