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Thread: Delphi® - Community Edition - Free Download

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    Quote Originally Posted by drezgames View Post
    365 days, you have a full year there. That is how the license in the ide will show as counting down in days. As you close to end, you will start to see a notice about time to renew. You click and will be taken to a page to renew for another year (365 days) using the latest release at the time.
    Are you sure it won't stop working and ask for 2k euros worth license?

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    Quote Originally Posted by laggyluk View Post
    Are you sure it won't stop working and ask for 2k euros worth license?
    Haha, I know right! Na, you will be fine. As long as your under 5k in the calendar year, you will be able to renew the license. The thing however is that you will have to update to the latest version. So if 10.5 is out when your renewal is up, the new license will only work with the latest release. This is to just keep everyone updated to most recent version. So like now, the community can thrive, make great software, components, games, game tools, etc and create a thriving ecosystem like it was back in the day and that takes the "rest of us" to help make it happen.

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    Now that Delphi Community is out:

    So what will you guys be working on? I will get the ball rolling I guess and go first. Will be adding a few more needed feature to my game library and start working on new game project using it, some contract work to finish off etc.

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    After holidays I'll remove my Starter Edition, install the Community Edition and lets see how Allegro.pas behaves. Then lets see.
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    I will avoid this free cheese, even if I'm the second mouse.
    Copyright holder can give, and copyright holder can take away. There is no telling how their policy changes the next year. A new executive comes and !blam! you're suddenly out of luck.

    I will keep to Free Pascal, as I do since that event when Borland suddenly closed the $100 option leaving only the $1000 one. It was time of Delphi 4, I think?
    Anyway, I learned my lesson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chebmaster View Post
    I will avoid this free cheese, even if I'm the second mouse.
    Delphi was always out of my reach due to pricing. And now I'm too deep in fpc specific code to really bother porting over.
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    I have to agree, i get more functionality from freepascal + lazarus lately, it might need some more refinement in UI, but overall this setup behaves really well.
    This is my game project - Top Down City:

    My OpenAL audio wrapper with Intelligent Source Manager to use unlimited:

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