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Thread: The GoldSrc BSP Loader

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    The GoldSrc BSP Loader

    So basically this project is about a program to load GoldSrc (Half-Life) BSP files and the WAD files. It has been realized with Lazarus/Free Pascal and SDL2/OpenGL. Also BeRo's Math unit from the SupraEngine was really very helpful. If I'm out of alpha stadium I'm going to release the code, I guess.

    02/08/2018, v0.1 alpha

    • Capabilities
      • Load BSP files and show contents of data lumps (exception: VIS Lump)
      • Load WAD files and render contained textures
      • Load BSP file and all WAD files which are necessary to render the fully textured scene
      • Navigate by simple camera through scene

    • To-Dos
      • lightmapping from lightmap data
      • VIS Lump: treat it at all
      • collision detection
      • face culling
      • have spaces between textures in atlas texture to prevent bleeding-effect (esp. in tiled textures recognizable)
      • make blue colorkey transparent
      • sky cube

    Screenshots are found here:

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    good stuff, screenshots look good, it just need some lighting
    This is my game project - Top Down City:

    My OpenAL audio wrapper with Intelligent Source Manager to use unlimited:

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    Thanks and agree'd. Barely some time left atm though .

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