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Thread: Columns - A puzzle game for Windows

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    Columns - A puzzle game for Windows

    Columns is a small puzzle game for Windows.

    I 've initially coded the game about 20 years ago (late '90s). Despite the fact that I was considering the source code lost, recently I gain access to an old PC of mine, and ... what a surprise! After a good clean-up the source code compiled and run!

    -Difficulty levels (Easy/Hard)
    -Save and load game
    -Board size configuration
    -Hi-score table
    -GPL License.

    -Left/Right Arrow: Move
    -Down Arrow: Fast Drop
    -Up Arrow: Roll

    Play the game:
    You have to make 3-in-a-row rectangles to gain points (and reduce the matrix).
    You also get some points when pressing the Down Arrow and the stick drops fast.

    For programmers:
    The game compiles with old Delphi versions (newer versions of Delphi or Lazarus should not be a problem, but haven't tried it).
    It does not use any external libraries (simple GDI and MCI), so porting it to other platforms should not be a problem.

    Download link (binary and source):

    Project samples:

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