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Thread: TombViewer 1.3

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    TombViewer 1.3

    TombViewer 1.3

    After more than 13 years, a new version of TombViewer is available.


    TombViewer is a Windows application that enables you to freely navigate inside Tomb Raider series maps. Supports levels from TR1 thru TR5.

    New Features
    • Open source release.
    • Recent menu history and title caption is displayed in short format.
    • Exported screenshots can be in PNG or JPG image formats.
    • WASD movement.
    • New icon.
    • Fog Effect.
    • Option to display rendering information.
    • If can not change to full screen changes back to window mode.
    • Option to select between fast loading or fast rendering while opening a map.

    Open source/License

    TombViewer is now open-source and distributed under the GPLv2 license.
    This license applies only to the main application forms and the implementation of the rendering engine ('Surfaces Engine' - SE).
    Portions of the project may be under other licenses, please refer to the original authors for more information.

    Source Code

    TombViewer was coded in Object Pascal and should compile under older versions of Delphi(32bit).
    The rendering is powered by the 'Surfaces Engine' - SE, a gaming engine that I start coding in 1999. SE uses a modified version of DelphiX library. Not all assets of the engine are included inside this distribution, only these that are required to compile TombViewer. The engine was abandoned at 2004, and since then was unmaintained, but it seems that had aged well. Tested in Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows XP and performs as expected.
    This release does not require installation of additional components in Delphi component palette. Unzip the source code file, compile it and run.

    • Turbo Pascal for trunit2.pas (map format and loading).
    • Hiroyuki Hori for the excellent DelphiX library (base for the 'Surfaces Engine' - SE).
    • Gustavo Huffenbacher Daud for PNG Image.
    • Richard Shotbolt for GIF Image.
    • Glen Why for AnotherReg.
    • Erik C. Nielsen for filedrag component.
    • Mills Enterprise for rmLibrary.
    • Khaled Shagrouni for XPMenu component.
    • Possible other contributers that I didn't mention above.


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    Interesting project you have here

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    I appreciate you opened the source code with the new release. Great project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chebmaster View Post
    I think you may find this interesting:
    Yes, I've seen this project. Too bad isn't coded in Pascal though

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    Hi, I find your project really interesting.

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