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Thread: ORE rises from the ashes

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    ORE rises from the ashes

    Hi all,

    Those of you who have been around since 2006 may remember the competition entry my house mate and I created for the PGD Annual 2006 "Big Boss" competition. Well, it died a death for numerous reasons but I'm now restarting the project with a view to finally making the game we envisaged all those years ago.

    But this time things are going to be a little bit different... I invite you all on the journey with me as I'm going to be streaming as much development on the project as I can. I can't promise a fixed schedule, just as much as I can

    You can come along for the ride on Twitch at At the moment interaction is only through chat but that may change in the future (it's just problematic as we have a nutty dog and my house mate is often on voice chat gaming).

    So you can get an idea of the scope of the project... I'm looking at OpenGL rendering for the graphics, a few different types of map style and the vast majority of the game in Lua with Delphi doing the heavy lifting. I'm undecided at the moment whether or not I'm going to include cooperative play (for a small number of people - maybe a maximum of 4) but one thing I know for sure is there's going to be a lot of learning involved and hopefully some good chat

    I just did my first stream, be aware... it's literally the beginning of the project. Tonight I completed the 'New Project' button. Next is to start handling getting some graphics into the system.
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    Cool initiative!
    I will follow it, since I cannot contribute to it.

    OpenGL is pretty OK. I also using it via GLScene for FARC, even if 3D is secondary in this project.
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