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Thread: All user data and passwords are leaked, this site has been hacked in 2017

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    Exclamation All user data and passwords are leaked, this site has been hacked in 2017

    Just found my username and email address on this page through a quick google search:

    The site's security should really be checked ASAP!

    Thankfully I'm not using the password I have here on any other places since ages.

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    Hi Lalli,

    1) You should use different passwords for every site you log in to, if you share a password across multiple sites you make it easy for hackers if one site is compromised
    2) The last user on that list signed up in 2016, if I recall correctly I did a site upgrade around that time due to the possibility the site had been compromised
    3) Whilst the list appears to contain passwords, these are hashed, so even if they have the salt for the hash, reversing a password is a long process as you effectively have to start with a guess, hash it and compare that to what you have in the list. Getting a password from that list could take years

    Hope that clarifies a few things for you.
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    That file is from 2017. I changed my password so...
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