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Thread: FreeStrike: Arcade Space Combat Game

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    FreeStrike: Arcade Space Combat Game

    I've been working on an updated version of FreeStrike. New engine, and currently trying to get cloud back end sorted out. I currently have my backed cloud services running on At the moment I have one service in a working state that I'm tweaking which is cloud scores. There a noticeable delay using https during the round trip so I wrapped everything in a thread and got it working in asynchronous mode. I really need to test the viability of and was hoping to get some people to help me stress test it. If your interested you can grab a build from here:

    Just unzip and run the exe. There is a readme in the startup dialog. No error checking yet (threw this together so I can test things) so make sure your name and location have data, blah blah. Its in the readme.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Must to say it works on Linux through Wine, so nice work there.

    Unfortunately linked file doesn't include README nor LICENSE files so I didn't do any test.
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    Hi, cool thanks for confirming that it works in that environment. Didn't think it would even run this way, so good to know. The readme/license are there in the startup dialog. See the image in the first post, there are readme and license tabs that you can view at startup.

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    Actually, the dialog said that such files were missing.

    Also I now see that the banner is also missing. Maybe this last one is something related with Wine.

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    Ahh ok. Interesting. FreeStrike.arc is just a standard zip archive that all the resources including those text files are located in. It will try to load and present them at startup. If it can't read the zip at this point, most likely it can't read in the other resources needed by the demo as well. There should be like 3 files in the (cloudtest.exe, freestrike.arc and tbengine.dll). It started so the exe/dll are working. I'm thinking that its having problems reading the zip under the wine environment or the freestrike.arc is corrupted maybe. When you click the run button, will it start? Should see a scrolling background, ship and some rocks will drop down? Maybe is a path issue as well. I look for the .arc file on the path returned by ParamStr(0).

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