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Thread: FreeStrike: Arcade Space Combat Game

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    FreeStrike: Arcade Space Combat Game

    I've been working on an updated version of FreeStrike. New engine, and currently trying to get cloud back end sorted out. I currently have my backed cloud services running on At the moment I have one service in a working state that I'm tweaking which is cloud scores. There a noticeable delay using https during the round trip so I wrapped everything in a thread and got it working in asynchronous mode. I really need to test the viability of and was hoping to get some people to help me stress test it. If your interested you can grab a build from here:

    Just unzip and run the exe. There is a readme in the startup dialog. No error checking yet (threw this together so I can test things) so make sure your name and location have data, blah blah. Its in the readme.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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