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    Sorry for the double post, but I have to say this: the solution was trivial

    While testing I discovered that function StrPas (used internally to force some callings to overloaded functions in my abstraction layer unit) were in a different unit in modern Delphi (AnsisString instead of SysUtils), so I added it to be used only in Delphi. Since then warnings appeared again and I was like WTF Delphi is trolling me... But using the Find declaration command to see the actual declaration of Format I discovered AnsiString also defines it's own version using ANSISTRING instead of UNICODESTRING!

    Note it doesn't avoid the need of the abstraction layer unit, but it simplifies a lot the implementation of this unit (and avoids to call an extra function internally in other units). For example:
      { This unit implements sysutils using ANSISTRING instead of UNICODESTRING,
        which is the default in modern Delphi compilers. }
      FUNCTION al_str_format (CONST Fmt: AL_STR; CONST Args : ARRAY OF CONST)
        : AL_STR;
        Format (Fmt, Args)
    This way there's no need of conditional compilation outside Allegro.pas.

    So, now we know.
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    Wait Delphi has a special unit just for dealing with ANSI strings? I must shamefully admit that I didn't knew that

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    Well, you know now.

    Anyway I think they should add an option to tell the compiler to define STRING as ANSISTRING, as FPC does with {$unicodestrings} or something. That would help a lot porting and maintaining code.
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    Mother of Strings!!! it's highly inefficient and error prone to have multiple, obscure and undocumented units to deal with the same task.

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    If you mean the AnsiStrings unit, I agree. If I were Delphi developer I would overload the functions adding UNICODESTRING, without breaking backwards compatibility.

    If you mean my al5strings... well, I didn't found a better solution.
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    I meant AnsiStrings unit. That's a mistake. Your al5strings unit is a fix on a mistake made by others.

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