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Thread: Allegro.pas 5.2.β.1 released

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    Allegro.pas 5.2.β.1 released

    (Please, publish this. If you want a smaller screenshot, just tell me)

    Almost two years, but thanks to the help of this community, Allegro.pas 5.2.β.1 is finally out.

    You know, Allegro.pas allows to use the Allegro Game Library with Delphi and Free Pascal compilers (including Lazarus). This new version fixes a few bugs, adds a ton of new functionality, completes the documentation and is 95% Delphi compatible (there are a few issues with two examples ).

    You can download the demonstration game for Windows (should work with Wine too) or the library (here all formats). The GitHub mirror is still a little bit outdated, but will be synchronized ASAP (there are minor changes though).

    As always, any comment is welcome.
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    It has been published as an article right now

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