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Thread: Large chunk of first time connection delay goes to ""

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    Large chunk of first time connection delay goes to ""

    P.S. It was a problem on my end caused by NoScript.

    When I connect to PGD after a long while, Firefox spends several seconds trying to contact . Does this site really use that? Seems like an attack of sorts.

    I also get flickering "Performing a TLS handshake to" on each page load - as if each image required re-establishing the secure connection. I think this is not normal.
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    Also, Firefox's Network tool marks some of the https requests as not secure. See this screenshot made after Ctrl + F5:

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    I had the same problem but I thought it was my connection. I hope Athena can fix that.
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    So... a quick refresh of the home page on my machine (64bit with FireFox 68.0.1)... largest time is taken up with the main script (content.php) and the scheduled task runner (cron.php) which serves an image. Total page load time was 3.46s, with PayPal objects accounting for 66ms of that. There were only two unsecure items, one was an external link (RSS feed) and the other was an image (a screenshot).

    As for the flickering TLS connection stuff, not seeing that and having clicked around the site for sometime, I'm not experiencing any lag, any stuttering or anything that indicates there is problem.

    Just remember, PGD is now hosted on my dedicated server, which also servers a number of other domains. If it was busy, it could have taken a while... it could even have been updating itself.
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    Thanks for the explanation.
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    P.S. It was definitely a problem on MY end, caused by NoScript Firefox extension. I stopped trying to report such issues anywhere.


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