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Thread: Anyone having a crack at Ludum Dare?

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    Anyone having a crack at Ludum Dare?

    As per the title... are any of you having a crack at Ludum Dare this coming weekend? Doesn't have to be with Pascal, just wondering if anyone is fancying it
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    Didn't know there's one. I'm tempted to participate, do something simple I can complete... Remember me tomorrow and I'll take a look to the new website, see if my old account is accessible or create a new one, or something.

    If I join, I'll go Object Pascal, of course...
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    What is Ludum Dare?

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    Quote Originally Posted by davido View Post
    What is Ludum Dare?
    Ludum Dare is worlds biggest game development competition that happens twice a year. The goal is to make a game from scratch in 48 or 72 hours (depending whether it is The Compo or The Jam).
    You can read more about competition rules here
    And you can actually vote for that will be used in next 45th Ludum dare that will happen in just about four days.

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    I wasn't able to join. I had a busy weekend.
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