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Thread: Ludum Dare #46

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    Ludum Dare #46

    How're you doing?

    Another year, another Ludum Dare. I'll try by best. Will you? I hope yes and have a few good Pascal games this year (and close TIOBE mouths in the process ).
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    Nobody else?

    Anyway, here you have: my feed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ñuño Martínez View Post
    Nobody else?
    Eventually I'd like to participate, if I ever get set on it strongly enough. But this whole current situation has derailed me. And I've only just managed to create a decent enough work environment at home.
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    TINS will be in May 8-10, if you feel better then.

    About LD, I've spend a lot of time whit graphics. Fortunately I have the gameplay fully defined.
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