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Thread: lunagine game toolkit

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    lunagine game toolkit

    A little project I'm currently working on. It's coming along nicely. Written in Delphi, you can code your game logic in lua script. It gets jit compiled using moonjit. I recently added support for bundling all your scripts, compiling to bytecode and binding to a standalone exe. Your scripts can be organized into modules (where you normally would use require() to load them in), here you use import() command (import("./lua/main.lua"). When you run as normal, it works just like require, when you bundle it will add all the imported modules to a single file, compile to bytecode and this is added as the exe which will look for this runimage on started and execute it if found. So far so good. I'm happy with the progress.

    - Development language: Delphi
    - Scripting engine: moonjit (fork of luajit), using a custom lua wrapper I wrote for this project
    - Game framework: Allegro5, using custom game library I wrote for this project
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    Impressive work! Unfortunately Windows only .

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    Hi, thx. Yes it's being developed on windows at this moment. The project I'm making will be for windows only but if there is interest from others I will consider other platforms.

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