Hello everybody,

I present a simple conversion of the kiss_sdl2 header, which is a simple generic GUI widget toolkit for SDL2 written in C by Tarvo Korrovits. It uses the keep it small and simple approach (hence kiss).

My conversion project is called kiss_sdl4fp (aiming at Free Pascal ) and can be found here: https://github.com/Free-Pascal-meets...te/kiss_sdl4fp. Some major features of kiss_sdl4fp is that it does not rely on any external library, but is just using the SDL2 library itself. Furthermore it is highly customizable. As SDL2 is often used to create fast paced games where the GUI plays a minor role, there are plenty of use cases where it could be suitable.

The following widgets are available so far:

  • window
  • label
  • button
  • selectbutton
  • vertical scrollbar
  • horizontal scrollbar
  • progressbar
  • entry box
  • text box
  • combo box


Best regards,