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Thread: kiss_sdl4fp (a kiss_sdl conversion project)

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    kiss_sdl4fp (a kiss_sdl conversion project)

    Hello everybody,

    I present a simple conversion of the kiss_sdl2 header, which is a simple generic GUI widget toolkit for SDL2 written in C by Tarvo Korrovits. It uses the keep it small and simple approach (hence kiss).

    My conversion project is called kiss_sdl4fp (aiming at Free Pascal ) and can be found here: Some major features of kiss_sdl4fp is that it does not rely on any external library, but is just using the SDL2 library itself. Furthermore it is highly customizable. As SDL2 is often used to create fast paced games where the GUI plays a minor role, there are plenty of use cases where it could be suitable.

    The following widgets are available so far:

    • window
    • label
    • button
    • selectbutton
    • vertical scrollbar
    • horizontal scrollbar
    • progressbar
    • entry box
    • text box
    • combo box


    Best regards,

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    It is very minimalist. Too much, actually. I'm not a SDL user but does it allow to change the looking?
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    It is very minimalist. Too much, actually.
    Exactly, it is very minimalist. But this is a feature rather than a disadvantage. It may be too minimalist depending on the use case, but will suit many (probably most use cases), especially if the SDL2 library is considered, anyway. This usually means your focus is on fast paced 2d or 3d games or applications. This means, gui is a minor aspect and doesn't need to be be far more than minimalist. Nevertheless, this gui widget set is simple to extend any way you want.

    I'm not a SDL user but does it allow to change the looking?
    Yes, that is very simple. Just replace the widget images and colors in the code as you like. - I admit though, I dislike the pre-included widget images and the color choices made by the original author. It seem to me, these are kind of place holder choices. I plan to derive a new gui widget unit from this, which makes use of many Pascal features (instead of C-like implementation). This will have more beautiful pre-included widget images and colors. Still, it will be easy to replace with widgets of your liking.


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    I find it very minimalist too but it's cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by davido View Post
    I find it very minimalist too but it's cool
    I like it too. Very retro.

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