xGreed is a source port of the game "In Pursuit of Greed".


General Information
"In Pursuit of Greed" is a 1995 FPS game developed by Mind Shear Software and published by SoftDisk.
The game engine is based on the "Raven Engine", a successor of Wolf3d engine, featuring floor and ceiling texture-mapping, variable heights and slopes.
xGreed is coded in Pascal language and it is based on the original DOS source code and an unfinished source port for Windows, that was released by the developers of the game.

To run the game you will also need the game data, that can be downloaded for free at the official developer's site: http://www.redshadowsoftware.com/projects/greed
The main data file is the GREED.BLO. Additional data such as music (*.s3m & *.mod) and animations (*.fli) are not required but it is recommended to extract them from the downloads of the above link.

The purpose of this project is to bring the game "In Pursuit of Greed" to more modern platforms.

Current project status
The current project status is alpha. It is playable, but many assets have not been thoroughly tested.

xGreed is developed in Pascal language and targets Windows operating systems (XP or higher).
The source code can be compiled either with FPC/Lazarus either with Delphi.