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Thread: 16-Segment Vector-Font

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    16-Segment Vector-Font

    Display the chars A-Z with 16-segment setup ( see --> chardefinition ),

    usage: check the bits ( see --> procedure draw_char ) and simply use 9 fixed xy-coordinates to draw lines ( 0-15; out of maximum 16 possible ) ( example: bit 2 is set = draw line from a to b )

    I do not draw lines; first i put the 16 line-draw operations in a texture as segments (4x4-matrix). Then I overlap the segments to display a single char ( example char 'O': overlap segment 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 ). I used a quad fontset so i could reduce the texture segments from 16 (4x4-matrix) to three (2x2-matrix). ( This is not possible for 1x2 fontset-dimension )

    Texture Segment 1 to draw line 9,11,13 and/or 15, Texture Segment 2 to draw line 8,10,12 and/or 14 and Texture Segment 3 to draw other 8
    ( see --> TexSeg; coordinates in texture )

    disadvantages: a.) you can not vary much with the chardefinition, b.) this code use several texure-draw operations to display a single char.

    improvements : a.) include numbers 0-9 ( still unused ), b.) put it in 3D

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    I did a watch&game-like game for a LudumDare and screen was a pain to implement. I should take a look to the way you're doing it, maybe I learn something.
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