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    GameVision Toolkit (GVT) is an advanced 2D Delphi based game library for PC's running Microsoft Windows® and uses Direct3D® for hardware accelerated rendering. It's robust, designed for easy use and suitable for making all types of 2D games and other graphic simulations, You access the features from a simple and intuitive procedural API, to allow you to rapidly and efficiently develop your graphics simulations. There is support for buffers, bitmaps, audio samples, streaming music, video playback, loading resources directly from a standard zip archive, and much more.

    It began life back in the mid 1990's as a high speed rendering library and over the years evolved into a game application framework with many nice features that allow you to make a complete game project. I enjoy the space shooter genre, so all of my games have been been of this type.

    Twenty years ago (Doh!) this year, GV 1.x was used to make FreeStrike. The new 2.x releases on GitHub is the evolution of the product bringing new features and support for modern hardware. The first project I plan to do with the updated version will be FreeStrike 2.

    Delphi is twenty 26 years old this year. I've been using Pascal since the Turbo Pascal days, every version from Turbo Pascal 3.03 to the latest version of Delphi. Been making games/gamedev tools since the mid 90s. Phew, time flies.

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    Here is a mock-up for GVEdit, which will be a light-weight code editor for Lua scripting. GVT has robust Lua (LuaJit) integration.


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    Seems pretty cool and simple.
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    Quote Originally Posted by de_jean_7777 View Post
    Seems pretty cool and simple.
    Thanks. That was the goal to be simple, yet elegant with lots of great features. Mostly things that I've needed over the years as I figured out how to implement them, they got added in.

    Lua has been fun learning and getting implemented. Also to be able to do micro transactions from your desktop is pretty cool. There is a low-level IAP that you can build on top of or can take advantage of TGVPurchase which allows you to define your items, and pick from a list, it stores the encrypted "receipt" on your HD. Now that I finally got a IMGUI framework, I can redo the purchase form so that it can also be in-game if you wish. It uses the power of, which is super easy, powerful and nice payment processor partner.

    On the radar is tile map support. Will most likely do .tmx format and then I want to add support for 2d skeletal animation such as Spine or Spriter. Not sure which just yet.
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    Working on support for the LDtk 2d level editor.


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