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Thread: Hadelmia MMORPG

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    Hadelmia MMORPG


    I have been making this game for quite many years now.
    It is tile based Fantasy MMORPG called Hadelmia which is written in Delphi.

    I use old discontinued Andorra 2D by Andreas Stöckel as a graphics engine.
    Engine was, and is quite capable and feature rich as it was left by him.
    Although I have modified it to better suit my purposes and updated all libraries to OpenGL 4.6 since the libraries were only supporting 2.x

    I also use Internet Direct (Indy) 10 socket library which has been in Delphi releases from 1995 (then as Winshoes, and renamed to Internet Direct on 2000).

    I put a screenshot here to give an idea what I am talking about:
    Screen from the test scenario, with very dark UI theme.

    My biggest inspiration to make a game like this are Commodore c64's Ultima I - VI games.
    To make it MMORPG, well I'm not completely sure when this happened, but I really wanted a project what is challenging and where I can truly learn new things.

    I won't be listing all features game has to offer currently, since it already has lots of them (You can check them on website I will link on the end of this post).

    Currently Hadelmia is still Pre-Alpha, but I'm about to release first alpha as soon there has been solid server stability test.
    I'm looking for an active small like 5-10 person group to test this.
    So if you are able to to use discord (Text is fine, no need for voice), and like to test things and give feedback, ideas and bug reports, you are just the person I am looking for!

    Game server is usually on 24/7 so you can play or/and test it anytime.
    Since it is still pre-alpha there can be downtimes.

    Here are the links: Website Discord server invite link

    I hope we see on discord!
    Ask me (Ravenis) regarding any questions and such. I'm almost always logged on discord, so I will answer as soon as possible.

    Have a nice day/night or whatever is there where you are now

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    Looks interesting.
    Unfortunately I'm not much into MMPORPG's as I have little time for playing games.


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