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Thread: GLSpeed - Remake and expansion pack of the DOS game "Speed Haste" coded in Pascal

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    Talking GLSpeed - Remake and expansion pack of the DOS game "Speed Haste" coded in Pascal

    GLSpeed is a remake of the 1995 DOS game "Speed Haste" coded in Pascal language.


    "Speed Haste" is a 1995 DOS racing game developed by NoriaWorks Entertainment and published by Friendware. It's source code (DOS, in non compiled form) is available on github. (Thanks Mr. Javier Arevalo Baeza!)

    GLSpeed is not supported neither by NoriaWorks Entertainment nor by Friendware.

    GLSpeed needs the main data file of the DOS game (speedh.jcl) in order to run. It works with both shareware and registered versions. You can find the shareware version in many sites with a simple google search.

    Downloads - v.

    Executable (win32):

    Source code(Delphi):


    • High screen resolutions.
    • OpenGL rendering.
    • Uncapped framerate.
    • Textured automap.
    • Console for executing commands.
    • Flac & ogg sound effects.
    • MOD, S3M, IT & XM track music support.
    • Screenshots.
    • In game menu to configure gameplay, key bindings & screen resolution.
    • Lap records database


    GLSpeed development started last December. It is mostly coded in Pascal (Delphi) and it's core mechanics are based on my DelphiDoom project. About 30% of the source code is coded in C programming language (actually obj files of sound libraries, directly linked to the executable).
    I used the original source code as a helper tool for the complex data structures that the game uses (mostly the i3d model format, which, even with the source code available, it seemed to me very complicated). The game logic was recreated from scratch, mostly by watching youtube videos (I had problems running the game under DOSBOX. I also tried a virtual machine with FreeDos but with no luck).

    Current project status: Stable, (but not optimized). Probably you will not be happy running the game with a build-in Intel GPU, a dedicated GPU will run the game smoother.

    Expansion pack

    The registered version of the game comes with 8 tracks (shareware version has 2 tracks).

    In order to extend the gaming experience, I decided to make an expansion pack to accompany the release. So GLSpeed comes with 8 additional tracks. The tracks are organized in 2 championships (original game and expansion).


    Original tracks:

    Expansion pack tracks:

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