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Thread: GitHub Action for the Free Pascal Compiler

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    GitHub Action for the Free Pascal Compiler

    For those of you hosting your projects on GitHub and using GitHub Actions as your CI solution, I have something new: a GitHub Action for building programs using the Free Pascal Compiler. The Action will parse the compiler's diagnostic messages and create annotations on your commits and pull requests. It also has support for fail-on-warning behaviour, if you want to be extra strict about your code.

    You can get the Action here:
    There's still a couple of minor issues I want to iron out and features I want to add, so I haven't made a v1.0.0 release yet, but the core functionality is there and works fine.

    Suggestions and opinions will be appreciated. If you use the Action and come across any issues, please file them against the GitHub repository.

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    Never used GitHub Actions, and I think I'll never use it (short history: Microsoft using project sources without complying with the license) but I'm curious: what about 3th party libraries?
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    For third party libraries, you'd need to handle them the same way as in other languages: either install the development files during your CI/CD run, or have them bundled in the repository.

    Thanks for the question, though - it made me realize it could be useful to have some kind of "exclude-files" input in the Action, so that you could ignore compiler messages pertaining to 3rd-party files.

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