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Thread: Ponx - High DPI aware PONG style game for Linux

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    Ponx - High DPI aware PONG style game for Linux

    During the coding of Grayout, a floodfill style game, I became aware of the high DPI monitor problem. Well, it's a problem for the unaware programmer, like me. I'm sure those with High DPI luxury monitors just love them . Anyway the situation got to be adressed somehow and hopefully it works decently now. I'd like to thank the community and especially @SilverWarior for valuable feedback and suggestions. See the Grayout thread

    Now I started a new test to tackle the situation. A PONG variation which I hope behaves decently even for High DPI monitors. Main objective was to test handling things that move, that is the ball and the paddles.

    It seems to work but of course it's just easliy scalable circles and squares so far.

    The fully playable Ponx beta version 0.9 is already downloadable for those of you who run Linux. Very modest system requirements and very simple gameplay. In fact it mostly uses only one key ( the "any key" ) as player input.

    I hope you can enjoy it a minute or two and I look forward to any feedback!


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