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Thread: Lazarus for Raspberry Pi 4

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    Lazarus for Raspberry Pi 4

    Write once - compile anywhere the Lazarus motto. Nice when it works but there always seem to be some tinkering to do.

    Currently I mostly program on Windows/Linux using the Lazarus 2.2.0 version. Porting to Debian Linux is a fairly simple process for my type of games but the Raspberry Pi is a somewhat tougher nut to crack.

    First problem is to install Lazarus at all. There are some descriptions available out there, no doubt useful for those who know their Pi OS well but I'm a Pi noob and tend to run into problems.

    Eventually I found a solutions that seems to work reasonably.

    That is choosing the 32 bit Pi OS for the Raspberry and installing Lazarus with the help of

    That currently gives the Lazaurs version 2.0.0 from 2019. Good enough but directly importing a project from Windows (2.2.0) doesn't work in my system.

    A workaround is to check the

    Maximize Compability of Project Files

    in Project Options > Miscellaneous.

    That seems to make the project compile for Raspberry. There is still the complaint of crtbegin.o not found but the program seems to run well anyway..

    Why did I go for 32-bit Pi OS when there is a 64-bit OS available?
    For compatibility reasons. On the hope that also some of the older 32-bit Pi systems can run my software.

    Unfortunately I couldn't compile the two latest projects (PONX and MaxDe) for Raspberry but the older Grayout program seems to run well.

    As far as possible the plan is to create new software/games for both Linux/PC and for Raspberry. The Raspberry is a weaker computer but so far my programs are lightweight enough to run even on a Pi. At least the Pi 4.

    New project is ongoing but there is not much to show yet. Gameplay will again be very simple but there will be somewhat more action this time. The name is not yet dececided. I can mention the size will be 1024*544 pixels. Hopefully that will make it fit into most monitors.
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