Hi all,

As you may have noticed the site was unavailable for a while over night as a result of a slightly unplanned server migration. It was unplanned because timescales set by a third party were very short with the old server being taken off-line on this coming Friday... I like to have both servers available for longer if possible... but that's life.

The long and short of it is cost... I was hosting with a UK based company and at the start of this year it was costing me around 41/month (that server hosts all my websites including my business ones so it wasn't too bad). This month, the bill was 121. Suffice to say I can't afford to pay that for a dual core machine with 4 GB so I've moved to OVH and a substantially better machine for significantly less money... still more than I was paying at the start of the year, but this new machine can also run things like my Discord/Twitch bots and the odd game server so it's all good.

Anyhow, if you come across any issues that you think aren't quite right, either report them here or drop me an email (athena at outer hyphen reaches dot com).