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Thread: Crossword puzzle - Nordic style

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    Crossword puzzle - Nordic style

    Fellow Pascal Programmers!

    Christmas is upon us. I had hoped to be able to show some new game concept, alas that wasn't possible. Maybe next year.

    Instead of game programming I spent the fall making a crosswords program. It's not one of those cheat AI programs that construct the actual crosswords but rather some code for handling and presenting input made by real humans.

    Since I'm Swedish I mainly make Swedish language crosswords but here comes a first one in English.

    The crossword is presented as a huge image file. If you want to print it out, landscape A6 size it suitable.


    P.s. the image may be removed from the webb-host at some later date..

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    The game programming has been delayed.. but here comes an other Nordic style crossword. The image may be removed from the server at some later time.
    Happy puzzling!

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    Here the solution as animated GIF.


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