AMD certainly has done great stuff recently. Their integrated graphics seems to be really good. Maybe my next computer will be an AMD, or an ARM. But for now I can't buy yet a new computer. Got to make do with what I have until pressing need for a new one. Typically those pressing needs occur every four years or so. For various reasons.

I also hear that ARM or perhaps RISC is the future. From my point of view it doesn't matter much as long as they can be built fan-less and team Lazarus supports that architecture. Of course losing access to a lot of old software and probable problems with peripherals is a hassle. I still have an ancient Win 7 laptop only for occsionally using an ancient but fully operational scanner. It also has Minesweeper.

Your wooden case/ air duct system sounds interesting. Please keep us updated and let us know if/when you pursue that path.

There are no doubt a plethora of possible solutions to the fan-noise problem out there.

Any other forum member having some clever solution to share?