New mini-game project is started with dual approach.
Background decoration as (huge) bitmap file. Currently linux allows 300 % scaling for the happy owners of huge monitors. So the image better be big enough to handle that.

In the new project the executable increases from previously ~3 MB to ~11 MB. Still reasonable but there may also be a gziped version for download.
What do you guys say? downloading 11 MB is no big deal nowadays? Compressing the file may be overkill?

Then for this project there is also the scalable vector graphics approach.
I try a home-made version using a series of



The current result is shown below

(image may be removed from the server at some later time)

Quite blocky but it scales decently and I start to like it.
Might even keep it. We will see. The ascii-art will have to wait.

The actual game?

Can you guess the theme from the presented "art"?

As often it's a variation of an old and well known concept, with some Jonax touch added.

Hopefully it can be presented any week now. At least if I make do with the above "art" and solve a few remaining bullet points.