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Thread: Knight's Quest for the Whole Trail

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    Knight's Quest for the Whole Trail

    Fellow pascal programmers,

    I'm pleased to present a fully playable beta of my latest 64-bit Linux game:

    Knight's Quest for the Whole Trail

    (pun intended)

    As often it's a variation of an old and well known concept, with some Jonax touch added. At 11 MB the file is slighly larger this time. System reqirements still modest.
    Feedback is always welcome.

    More info and download at:


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    Update: it turned out the 0522 version has an embarrassing flaw. Back to coding.

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    Fixed version 0523 uploaded.

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    Here is an animated GIF (just one loop) of one possible solution of the medium sized board.

    Image may be removed from the server at some later time


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