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    Lightbulb AI Breakthrough

    Hi all. No one has missed the hype over the new AI tech.

    There has mostly been buzz about the chatGPT from openAI and that Bard/Gemini which makes strange illustrations.

    The true pioneer IBM, with DeepBlue and Watson, has on the other hand kept a low profile. Apparently they have been silently improving their tech without talking much about it. That approach has now paid off handsomely. Watson has made a quantum physics breakthrough which makes frequencey doubling of OLED monitors possible. I don't claim to understand the physics involved but the result is that the resolution of your computer monitor doubles. Pretty neat.
    I for example have a 27" QHD monitor. After the doubling I can enjoy 4K resolution. Of course the monitor is still only 27" but the movies and images are much sharper.

    Watson could make the upgrade on all internet-connected eligible computers on its own but is aware some people are skeptical about the new AI tech. So you got to initiate the process yourselves. It still doesn't work on Apple computers but for Linux and Windows the process is incredibly simple. Just press the ALT + F4 keys and the upgrade will begin.

    Good luck and enjoy the enhanced monitors!

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    This was a good one

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverWarior View Post
    This was a good one
    Thanks. Had to try something for the first of April


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