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Thread: Five Hundred card game - available on Steam!

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    Five Hundred card game - available on Steam!

    Sharing this here as I thought fellow Pascal Game Developers might be interested

    I've just published my first game to Steam - a videogame implementation of Five Hundred, written entirely in FreePascal:

    No Lazarus, no game engines (other than one I created myself as I was making the game). I use Direct3D and BASS for the music - everything else is pure Pascal.

    The most fun/challenging part was probably creating Pascal bindings for the Steamworks APIs, particularly SteamNetworking. There were a couple of versions around online but they were both years and years old and barely worked, so I created one that integrates directly into my game engine.

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    Congratulations on your first release.

    Have you considiered adding other type of card games. Years ago I remember having a game that included over 100 different card games. My mom loved that.

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