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Thread: Spriteengine with Lazarus

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    Spriteengine with Lazarus


    I've been using Asphyre 4.1 with Delphi 7 - but want to move to Lazarus. problem is it looks like TSpriteEngine doesn't support Lazarus. I tried modifying it to work but it's non trivial.

    Does anyone know of a working spriteengine for Asphyre Sphinx or PXL?

    kind regards


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    I'm afraid I can't help you there but I'm glad to see interest in Lazarus.

    I switched from Delphi 3 to Lazarus when I got a new 64-bit PC which refused to install the Delphi 3. This was more than a decade ago.
    Indeed exporting Delphi code to Lazarus was not always successful.


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