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Thread: Boids and Grouping behaviour...

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    Boids and Grouping behaviour...

    Quote Originally Posted by Clootie
    How about impelementing boids algo totally on GPU (both calculations and rendering without any CPU interaction)? :roll:
    Nice idea, but i don't think that it is possible to do it entirely on GPU. Some things have to be precalculated on CPU like distances to nearest friendly and enemy boids.

    Anyway, if it worked it would only be good for demo, not for game since there is no way of getting data back from GPU to application (except rendering on a screen).

    For now I am waiting for Tetris and Pong made entirely on GPU. And it he future everything will be made on GPU. No need of CPU anymore :cry:

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    Boids and Grouping behaviour...

    I did a little test application for my Delphi-implementation of boids behaviour.

    More info and download (Windows, 35kb).
    No source though.
    ZGameEditor - Develop 64kb games for Windows.
    Thrust for Vectrex - ROM-file and 6809 source code.

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