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Thread: Toolbar Icons

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    Toolbar Icons

    As you might know I'm currently working on an editor for Village Defense. It has this toolbar in it with all kinds of buttons. Point is I need to put some proper glyphs on it, so I can see more easily what these buttons do.
    Now I could make them myself, but I figured there're probably lots of em already. Ah well, turns out after a bit of googling, getting a nice set of different (preferably 16/32 bit color) icons isn't all that easy.

    So I was wondering does any of you know where to find free glyphs or icons?


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    Toolbar Icons has a nice set of free buttons, a good price on others, and they do custom work as well. Actually I've worked with them quite a few times, and I must say I've been more then impressed with their work.

    Of course, if you don't mind doing some scaling and building of your own, is also a great resource.

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    Toolbar Icons

    You can also try some torrent search engine... you can realy find TONS of icons there...
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    Toolbar Icons

    Thanks for those links. And also for you suggestion, necroDOME.

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    Toolbar Icons

    Here is a collection of links to free and commercial icons:
    ZGameEditor - Develop 64kb games for Windows.
    Thrust for Vectrex - ROM-file and 6809 source code.

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    Toolbar Icons

    ohh thats a good one



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