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Thread: [Delphi/Kylix] alter-ScktComp

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    [Delphi/Kylix] alter-ScktComp

    Hi, I'm looking for something similar ScktComp, but for Kylix. The original Socket (or IdTCPServer/Client from Indy) unit does not match. Have you got something that I could easy translate Windows code, which is using ScktComp, to Linux oriented code?

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    [Delphi/Kylix] alter-ScktComp

    Have you looked at using Indy on both Win32 and Linux? I believe there is also a project to get it to work with Free Pascal.
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    [Delphi/Kylix] alter-ScktComp

    Yeah, but I have some problems with understanding Threads . I mean I understand, but always "something is still wrong"... :x ... So I want to ask somebody, maybe someone has translated the code that is similar to ScktComp.pas for Windows and its WinSock library, but for Unix.

    BTW the problem will disappear, if I translate my game networking code to UDP port... But the ScktComp for Unix systems would be very customizable and easy tool to create TCP networking applications.

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    [Delphi/Kylix] alter-ScktComp

    Anythink or Kylix these days is a hard sell/find as it's sort of the red-headed stepchild of Delphi that got kicked a few too many times.

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    [Delphi/Kylix] alter-ScktComp

    This is a little late, but what problems are you having with Indy's threads? I've used them quite a bit, both on Delphi and Kylix (Version 3) so maybe you could shed some light on the problem and I'll take a look.
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