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Thread: Using libavcodec

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    Using libavcodec

    I want to use libavcodec to extract frames from video files so I can use them as textures but I can't find FreePascal/Delphi port of libavcodec headers.

    Is libavcodec ported to pascal by someone?

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    Using libavcodec

    Sorry for bringing back old topic back to life, but just in case somebody will be searching for them:
    Also, this new tutorial to using libavcodec could be handy (C+SDL): . I may rewrite it to pascal, since I'm interested in ffmpeg project too (it will be like... my 4-th console player.. heh). I hope it helps a bit.

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    Using libavcodec

    I'll try it later today... animated textures here I come

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    Any success? Has anyone tried this on the Mac? I have messed with various video solutions, and so far QuickTime is the only one I am reasonably happy with, and that will not work on Linux.


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