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Thread: AI (some discussion and ideas).

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    AI (some discussion and ideas).

    I hate to be a pedant, but this isn't a DelphiX question. Could someone please move this thread to the AI section and remove this post?..


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    AI (some discussion and ideas).

    Well, my question was kind of targetting UnDelphiX/DelphiX.

    It does after all handle things differently no matter what you want to do, data on how to do AI is kinda useless if you don't know how to implement into what you are using .

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    AI (some discussion and ideas).

    Not really, your AI implementation will use DelphiX as a sprite handling and graphics rendering component set. But essentially AI and even the more advanced movement of your sprites is outside of the scope of DelphiX.

    The basic movement of sprites is closely tied into the Delphix mode of problem solving as it's closely tied into the sprite engine by the properties it exposes, but that would be as far as I would go with that.. everything else is a question for a different forum.

    AI questions can be generally applied to more than one engine as their appropriateness is determined not by the engine you use but by how you've structured your game mechanics, your mapping system, your sprite control mechanism, your pathfinding system. None of which are covered by DelphiX. You have to implement these things yourself.

    All the AI system needs to know is how to get around your map, how to distinguish good guys from bad guys, where the powerups are, what constitutes a threat.. nothing to do with graphics, sound or input at all.

    No-one with an AI question at a later date would dream of looking in the DelphiX forum for an AI answer.

    Your question regarding a simple AI for your game is a good one and deserves a place in the AI section as other developers would undoubtably look for a similar answer in the future, perhaps long after DelphiX has pushed up its last daisy.

    You're making some good progress on your game by all accounts and from what I've seen from your demo. I think you've pretty much got all the basic DelphiX answers you need. The questions you're asking now are a lot more advanced and specific to other - more useful areas of the site.

    My game uses Jedi-SDL, but I wouldn't look there for help with my AI.

    Sorry if I've laboured on the point or seem patronising, I'm not having a great day so far (don't ask) and you may be getting some accidental flak.. sorry about that. It's not intentional.

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    AI (some discussion and ideas).

    Oh I definitely see your point, I was just initially using the process of elimination, normally getting help from someone who was once in the same boat can be more helpfull than answers from someone who has only been in luxury liners (they know nothing about my kind of boat) .

    I think I just made that saying up >_>.

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    AI (some discussion and ideas).

    Moved to the AI forum
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    AI (some discussion and ideas).

    Yeah, I know what you mean. However, you'll find that everyone here's been in the same boat at one time or another.

    I'm actually a noobie when it comes to AI, it's one of the major tasks I've got left on my game... thing is, I'm leaving it until I've got a complete understanding of what I need to do... which means finalizing some of the currently fluid ideas I've got at the moment.

    But it's safe to say that the final AI system will have a lot of useful things inside which may be portable to other applications.

    Path Finding.
    the actual laying of the path for a sprite/drone to follow.

    Path Following
    Moving the sprite from one node to the next in a series of pre-defined nodes.. this can also include additional path finding to get from one node to another in a more accurate way..

    Rules System
    Based on various inputs, decide the best output.
    I'm not entirely sure how to do this. I've seen rule bases alg's written using a simple list which is parsed each turn. Some of the items in the list have wildcard flags against the inputs. Rules are punished or praised depending on the result so eventually, according to the theory, only the most successful rules should be executed.
    I think the hard part will be determining which of the inputs are actually relevant to the rule and whether it should be punished or not.

    but then, my game is pretty complex.. even though from the outside it looks simple.

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    AI (some discussion and ideas).

    I have an idea, if not already done (although I can't do it myself obviously lol).

    Is there anyone here who could write a sample game (with source) that displays how to do different AI?

    Maybe just some basic stuff like having a sprite follow a basic one way or the other path, to sprites that can find the shortest route to a location.

    I dunno really, but an app with source that shows some basic and different kinds of basic AI would be a great help, or atleast I think so.

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    AI (some discussion and ideas).

    well, you've got 2 ways to make your sprite move towards a target.. and depending on the complexity of the maze, you can either do one or the other to different levels of success..

    1. Pacman style AI.
    Basic rule based AI. Makes decisions at junctions towards or away from player (depending on whether the player has eaten a pill or not) if the AI hits a corner he goes in the direction of the corner, but not back on himself unless he hits a dead end.

    2. A* style algorithm...
    Quite complicated, best designed for maze style games where getting lost in the maze would look stupid. It finds the shortest route possible based on the parameters it's given.. it can handle hills and other obstacles and can find the shortest path or the least expensive path. Uses a bit more processing power though. There is an example on this site for A*, there are also loads, bucket loads, monsoons of examples on the net about it.

    I think your game needs a version of #1

    The most simple AI in the world is

    if enemyx<playerX then enemyX++
    if enemyx > playerx then enemyx--


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