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Thread: Multiplexity: 2047 WW (Working Title)

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    Multiplexity: 2047 WW (Working Title)

    Apparently it happens only on certain videocards (Radeon 7000, iirc).
    I've again tested it, this time on my laptop and you'll be pleased to know there was no problem this time.

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    Multiplexity: 2047 WW (Working Title)

    So how goes the game so far? It was looking pretty decent in Stage 2.

    Any progress?
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    Multiplexity: 2047 WW (Working Title)

    As I've written in an other topic I've been busy with exams and have only just finished them. I've just started on two new courses, one of them being my first year project, but I'm still in the compo. I have the day off tomorrow, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to make a quick implementation of my second game genre (Yep you heard me right, I haven't even implemented 2nd game genre yet :roll: ). Offcourse that wont include real game gfx, Just some quick ugly gfx to work with.
    I'm not really gonna follow the stage deadlines anymore. I'm just hoping to make a game with the strategy part finished (perhaps minus super ai) and a smooth transition to Light Gun game genre and back. Making a good storyline, scoring system, gfx, tutorial etc. have low priority right now; I'm only focussing on making the game somewhat playable
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