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Thread: Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    Time to introduce my entry for the competition.

    The working title is Space Commando, yes I know it's silly, but it'll have to do for now.

    The game is a hybrid of space sim (shooter) and first person shooter. The players will fly their ships, fight with the enemy ships and dock on other ships and space stations, at this point the game is transformed into a first person shooter.

    The gameplay is based on missions that the players have to accomplish, like destroying enemy ships/installations or finding some military documents inside a space station.

    I've been working on the game engine for about a week and this is what I've got so far:

    A simple space scene with a rotating cube, a skybox and basic camera controls for moving and rotating the view.

    I've been trying to put together a team and that has seriously hurt the design phase, I hope to be able to submit the design document before the deadline.
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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    I've just submitted my design document, it's not perfect but it'll have to do for now. Time to get some sleep first and then start working on the damn game!

    The document can be seen here.
    If you develop an idiot proof system, the nature develops better idiots.

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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    Haven't updated this for a while so here's some news.

    Originally I was gonna use as much of the existing code I had already in the game engine, but I ended up in writing almost everything from scratch. Again.

    I've been busy writing the base code and tools to create content. Finally got my camera code working and I could get started making on the ship controls, the ship will be controlled the same way as in Freelancer, by holding left mouse button and moving the mouse the ship will turn to the direction the cursor is pointing (left - turn left, top right - up and right etc.). Got the basic GUI system with animated mouse cursors and text output capabilities (thanks to Nitrogen's nice library!).

    The tools I've made are a simple object editor for importing DMF/3DS/OBJ objects, setting materials and such, the models are eventually saved in a XML/binary hybrid format. Got the particle editor to add explosions and thruster effects and I've started working on the scene editor which puts it all together and hopefully the end result will vaguely resemble a game.

    I'll probably get the basic game engine stuff working for the next deadline, but there won't be anything that can be called a game yet, but I think that's ok because the stage 2 mentions only a game engine, which I already have, well sort of.

    Here's some screenshots:
    Level editor #1
    Level editor #2
    If you develop an idiot proof system, the nature develops better idiots.

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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    Haven't had much time time work on my entry, but here's a snapshot from the current version. You can download it here

    Please tell me if it works at all in your system.

    Oh, and there's a nasty bug in it, if you resize the window all textures are lost. Haven't found a way to prevent that yet.

    EDIT: The readme.txt states that you can rotate the ship with the right mouse button, this is not the case. I forgot to remove that one from the readme file (I used it for debuggin purposes, but I've now removed it from the ship controls).
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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    runs nice and smoothly on my machine... there is not much to tell, because there is not much to do in the demo But it already gives a good "space feeling".
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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    Also running smooth at over 1000 fps on my machine, didn't found any problems except for the resize thinggy you already mentioned. Usually OpenGL only uses textures when the rendering context is destryoed and I heard that SDL exactly does that on a resize, so maybe that's the problem.

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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    Good to hear that it worked on your rigs.

    Guess I just have to reload the textures after a resize... Not sure if this is gonna be a problem in fullscreen mode though. But there's no full screen mode yet because I haven't had the time to write a configuration program and my ingame UI stuff is pretty much non-existent at the moment.
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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    I'm getting around 70fps. Ship movement seems to work fine.

    Edit:- Just read the post above about the right button and middle button being removed from the code, but not the readme, so I'm guessing that the rest of this is now irrelevant.

    Right/Middle button issues:-

    But, the camera control does nothing (unless I'm misunderstanding its purpose - I was expecting it to impact the display). The cursor changes and according to your debug display the camera values (with the exception of Yaw) are changing, but they have no effect on the display. They only hold values when the mouse is moving... as soon as it stops, they switch back to zero.

    With regards to the middle button.... I'm assuming you mean the scroll wheel button... if so... it does nothing (I run Logitechs SetPoint which maps the button to F12, so I'm guessing thats why).
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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    It's great to hear that your system runs the game with acceptable frame rate.

    About the right/middle/wheel/whatever mouse buttons, yes I removed them but forgot to update the readme.txt, sorry about that.

    For the version I'm gonna submit I've added controls to change the turning and acceleration speed (ie. mass) of the ship. Big ships are supposed to turn and accelerate slowly and small ships very fast.
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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    Just finished the version that I'm gonna submit as my stage 2 entry.

    I've added controls (plus/minus keys) to adjust the mass of the ship, it's sort of reversed now ie. bigger value = faster acceleration and turning.

    I've also added two spheres posing as the Sun and Earth with the Sun acting as the only light source in the scene lighting all the other objects. The sun looks a bit too much like a Pac-man, but hopefully that'll change.

    This scene simulates the maximum load there will be in the space scenes, if you can run this one with a acceptable frame rate then you will be able to run the full game too. I will add some effects to the scene which will need more processing power, but I think that even this version without them doesn't look that bad and it doesn't use even a single shader program.

    The game engine itself is still unoptimized and I can probably squeeze out a lot better frame rates.

    You can download it here
    If you develop an idiot proof system, the nature develops better idiots.

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