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Thread: Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    I don't know your game/gameplay at all, but I don't think that it is really necessary to let the "level" collision tree rotate... it would be very hard to get gravity things working in this case I guess... Did you think about that? I mean, if you are walking withing your station, how will you apply the gravity force to player and objects when you station rotates and moves?

    So a still "level" is the best here to make things easier in my opinion. It should be enough to let the camera rotate instead of your level, which will give the same visual result I guess.
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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    Originally I was planning to have one "main" NewtonWorld object which is the scene and the station exteriors would belong to that world. The station interiors would be their own NewtonWorld objects and all inside them would belong to them, I think this would have solved the gravity problem, but I haven't actually tried it (for the reasons stated in my earlier posts ).

    I'm still planning to have at least two interior scenes for every mission in the game to justify the FPS genre.
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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    Haven't worked at all on my entry since my last post. The real life (tm) has taken it's toll.

    I doubt that I'll make the next deadline, for now it's not much fun for me anyway, I got enough deadlines in my work already, don't need more for my precious free time.

    So, I think I'm pretty much out of the competition then.
    If you develop an idiot proof system, the nature develops better idiots.

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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    If you can squeeze in a final entry that would be better than no entry at all.
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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    I'll probably do that. I'm still working on the game engine and on the game.
    If you develop an idiot proof system, the nature develops better idiots.

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