Hey everybody,

The PGD Annual is upon us and you are all hard at work with coming up with a concept for your game entry.I myself have been listening to GDC Radio for quite a bit lately. And I've found it to be a huge wealth of knowledge for indie game developers big or small. So I thought it would be a great idea to give you all a list of podcasts that I thought might be of some great benefit to listen to at this point of the competition.

I've listed only the really relevant ones...

Quick Game Prototyping and Concept Design: How to Prototype a Game in Under 7 Days

Character Design: GDC Radio Presents: 'Adventures in Character Design'
[size=9px](You can skip ahead like 2-3 mins ahead as there is some sort of visual presentation you cannot see before they actually start talking)[/size]

Hero's Story Design: A Practical Guide to the Hero's Journey

Stealth Game Gameplay: GDCRadio Presents - 'Design Fundamentals of Stealth Gameplay in the Thief Series'

RTS Type AI Concepts: Reynolds On 'How AI Enables Designers'

I'm sure that someone will find these useful.