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Thread: Multiplexity: Submarine Hero

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    Multiplexity: Submarine Hero

    SDL4FPC is less bulky. JEDI-SDL has a lot of structure and overhead to support multiple compilers, which made it harder for me - a relative noob to the compiling systems used in Object Pascal - to get it working. But they seem almost interchangable beyond that, even down to naming conventions.

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    Multiplexity: Submarine Hero

    Hmmm.... Never looked at THLua before, actually, never even heard of it. I rolled my own by basing it off of other Lua wrappers I could find for 5.0 then upgraded that to Lua 5.1. Nice thing is that I now have the best of both worlds across Win, Lin, and Mac. Down side is, that there are now A Lot of compiler flags if you want to switch between 5 and 5.1, and it can't be done at runtime (yet).

    Still, I'd love to see a sample project with wx utilized in it. I've yet to play with wx at all myself, that whole no time thing

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    Multiplexity: Submarine Hero

    Submitted the milestone. I mirrored it locally, so you can try it if you like:

    Still minimal gameplay but I can build on this really fast now. I put together all the effects, mines, death, dialogue and menus in the last four or five days. Also there is a bonus included.

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    Multiplexity: Submarine Hero

    Just tried it..

    started without problems...

    The gameplay seems to be much too fast. I am not able to control the submarine like I would suppose to.

    Also the keypresses seem to be processed nearly a second after the key is pressed... and its cached somehow... so I can press a sequence of keys very fast and then lean back, watching the ship doing the steps afterwards... Is this intended?

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    Multiplexity: Submarine Hero

    No, that's not intended. The speed maybe, you are supposed to move quickly, but unless you could make a video I wouldn't know for sure. But the controls should feel very tight. I already got your hardware, but were you running other programs? Did the old build feel like this at all?

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    Multiplexity: Submarine Hero

    Might I suggest a visible FPS counter? Many developers put one in to see such things.
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    Multiplexity: Submarine Hero

    I put up some alternative engine settings to try:
    Drop them into the base directory and they should run.

    The default engine uses the Windows HIGH_PRIORITY process setting.
    The "idle" and "normal" versions change this setting to lower priorities.
    The "lowres" version is at half resolution and may be the solution if the problem is actually a performance one and not a scheduling one.

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    Multiplexity: Submarine Hero

    A quick update. I now have inventory items in the game; during the mission mode you can mount them to either the front or the back of your ship, or both(but only one side can be used at a time). All settings - except controls - are fully configurable and there's a main menu. I'll get to controls later!

    In addition to the machine guns there is now a "blade" weapon that slices up enemies good,,,if you can get close enough I will soon add a tractor-beam weapon that should help with using the blade.

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