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Thread: Multiplexity: MechaChess

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    Multiplexity: MechaChess

    Allright, I'm gonna tell you something about our project "MechaChess". That's the working title, I think we'll figure out something better somewhen.

    The game combines traditional chess with EarthSiege2-style mech combat. The game starts with chess and every time a piece tries to strike an enemy one, a battle starts. Each piece is represented by a mech whose properties and equipment (such as weapons, armor and speed) correspond to the attributes which the pieces in chess have.

    In addition to that, each kind of mech has a special module which also corresponds to its chess piece attributes. The pawn gets a strafe module, the knight gets a jump/flight module, the tower gets an extra armor and so on. Of course these modules consume energy, so they can't be activated all the time.

    We are trying to get the game running on three platforms: Win32, Linux and Mac.

    We're working with Delphi, I'm using Delphi 7, the others use Delphi 2006, I think. We try not to use any of Delphi's standard units (except System.pas, of course ) and we use OpenGL for the graphic stuff, SDL for the platform independence and Newton for realistic physical behaviour.

    This is one of our most important aims: Making the whole thing realistic. Well, as realistic as a science fiction game can be. We want the mechs to walk physically correct and to be blown up physically correct.

    When we got that stuff working and still have some time left, we're gonna try to put some simulation in it: The player should be able to choose weapons, armor and change the mechs configuration within some constraints. This will make the whole thing a little more flexible and add a decent strategical part.

    These are my current thoughts to the project. It's definitely the largest and most difficult project I've ever been working on. At first I did not think I'd be the lead programmer, I rather thought DGL-Luke would be that. But for some reason, I am now the lead programmer and I have written some fair code in these one and a half weeks. Let's see what we can make out of that.

    Thank you for reading that.

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    Multiplexity: MechaChess

    Sounds like a funny game

    It would be awesome if you could jump into the cockpit of your mechs and steer them like vehicles (simulation part )...
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    Multiplexity: MechaChess

    I like the idea. It reminds me of Mortal Kombat chess, a quite fun minigame. However it didn't require much chess skill :?

    Good luck with the project, so that I can start playing some Mech combat
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    Multiplexity: MechaChess

    Your idea sounds pretty good, unfortunately, if you use Delphi you won't get Linux or Mac support. Look into SDL and FPC/Lazarus, then you can get Linux and Mac quite easily

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    Multiplexity: MechaChess

    We use SDL. And we already got it running on Linux, Mac should be no problem.

    @huehnerschaender: (how did you figure out that name? :shock
    Of course you can. You will fight the enemy mech in cockpit view.

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    Multiplexity: MechaChess

    @jdarling: We're coding platform-independently with Newton and SDL. So in principle we should be able to just set FPC loose onto our source code in order to get linux binaries.

    EDIT @huehnerschaender: You're not gonna steer them like vehicles, you're gonna steer them like Mechs ;-)
    I could even imagine sitting there with two joysticks, one for the gears, one for aiming. But I'm not doing the coding work right now, so I'll better be quiet before 3_of_8 starts slapping me ;-)

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    Multiplexity: MechaChess

    I've not played a Mech game since the 90s man... this'll be kind of fun for me.

    Just too bad for you guys that I have no say in the final judgment though.
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    Multiplexity: MechaChess

    sounds cool so far

    I am very curious about your entry...

    PS: Explaining my name is a long story
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    Multiplexity: MechaChess

    D'oh, Luke... Now I gotta implement Joystick steering, and not only with one, but even with two of them. I don't know whether this is possible anyway... :lol:

    Whatever, I gotta get that object selection stuff done first. I feel a little tired, anyone got a coffee? :?

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    Multiplexity: MechaChess

    Alright. I have now completed the very first aim.

    You can play chess. Well, kinda. You can't choose the piece for promotion (promotion is when a pawn reaches the rearmost enemy line and is exchanged to another piece), pieces are displayed as cuboids and you can only play it in "hotseat", I mean it doesn't work over LAN. But, hey, pretty good for 2 weeks, isn't it?

    So here it is: The first official screenshot of MechaChess.

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