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Thread: Great Games Experiment

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    Great Games Experiment

    Over at I saw that Great Games Experiment went into open beta recently and decided to make an account there, and maybe some fellow PGD coders will want to do so too.

    It's kind of a social network that aims at bringing developers, artists, gamers and so on together on one single platform to interact with. In my eyes this is a great thing, especially as it's free. You get the chance to get in touch with other developers (or gamers and artists) and there are even some well-known people from the game industry over there.

    And if we get enough PGD people, we can even create a group to join
    Edit : I have opened up a group for pascal game developers, feel free to join it here!

    Link to my profile (Feel free to ad me, but also tell mo so I can add you too)
    Link to Projekt "W"

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    Great Games Experiment

    This is part of Garage Games isn't it? All of those screen shots at the top are from the Torque engine games/demos..

    I'm already a member of Garage Games, my login doesn't work at TGGE though and my request email is taking forever

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    Great Games Experiment

    I just joined up.
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    Great Games Experiment

    Got it sorted eventually.
    Search for Jason Farmer, you should find me.

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    Great Games Experiment

    Managed to get signed up and added myself to the Pascal group, but can't figure out how to add my game to the group . Any hints from those of you who have done it successfully?

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    Great Games Experiment

    Do you see the "Edit this group" link at the top right of the description of the group? Click that, edit the games list module and add your game.

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    Great Games Experiment

    Only the group moderators get Edit this group links. So, no I don't see that link

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    Great Games Experiment

    Ah, that explains a lot. I'll just add your games by myself then.

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    Great Games Experiment

    Could you also add "The Innominate" then?
    Can I add screens myself then?


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    Great Games Experiment

    I tried to register yesterday.... no confirmation mail yet...
    <a href=";utm_medium=badge_game"><img border="0" alt="GGE" title="GGE" src=""></a>

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