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    Sound Design


    Audio post-production facility offering a wide variety of services including: dubbing, foley, original sound design, audio archival restoration, ADR, sweetening, Dolby Surround mixing.


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    Sound Designer

    Welcome to PGD eilam, and just about the right time since the next deadline we have to have music/sound in place and I'm not sure how many teams have that already. Can you add a bit more information about what you would expect in return for your services?

    Are you willing to work for free, credits, payment, commission, and/or share of award (if contest entry)?

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    Sound Designer

    Welcome to PGD eilam!

    The deadline that Jeremy is referring to is in the PGD Annual competition that is currently taking place on the site. Teams of programmers/artists/musicians get together and create a game that will be scored by judges and the top 3 prizes, plus 4 other special awards are handed out at the end. I can't speak for everyone, but I don't think that we've had too many musicians join in with a team. I do know that not everyone has musicians as there are a good few one-man teams each year.

    Anyhow that aside, I hope you will enjoy the site and come back often. There are other musicians on the site, yet not many. If you would like to strike up a few conversations on a more sound and musical note [size=9px](pun definately intended )[/size] please feel more than welcome to.
    Jason McMillen
    Pascal Game Development

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    Sound Designer

    Thank you for the very warm welcome


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