I've read a lot of stuff about music in games in more recent days. There is a lot of interesting stuff about how it can be used to encompass atmosphere and how it moves the player to think in a different set of ways than they would have, should the mood be set differently than it was.

For instance take Super Mario Brothers [size=9px](any of them really)[/size] when the music is all happy and jolly and you are just happy to be there, you play the game as your would just exploring normally. However speed up the music or play a faster flowing track and that is a HUGE que for the player to say, 'Hey, I've gotta move my butt and get to the end or else.' So they immediately rush through the rest of the level maybe with a lot more anticipation then they would if the music stayed the same way.

I'm just wondering if any of our new musical friends could give us some tricks or ways that they feel could help change the players whole motivation or mood. At least in a subtle way so that they will be in that different mindset that you want them to be in. What tricks do you guys have or know of?