This is a set of guidelines that all posters of this forum shall adhere to when posting in the 'Help Me!' Forum.

These rules are established to maintain the good order and purpose of this help forum. It is because of it's special status as a 'hot line' or quick help resource that such rules exist. The guidelines will help make getting help faster and easier.

Failure to comply with these simple rules will result in unbiased and unprejudiced steps to resolve or remove non-compliant threads.

[size=14px]Steps to resolve non-compliant Topic threads[/size]

:arrow: The thread will be immediately Locked.
:arrow: The thread creator will be given the message below.
:arrow: You must then contact one of the site moderators or admins via Private Message (PM). Once a reply is received and read, the thread will be Unlocked and the author given 1 week to correct his post.
:arrow: If the correction(s) are not made within the week the entire thread will be deleted without any further warning.
:arrow: Should the Topic poster not reply to their initial warning within 1 week, the thread will be deleted as well.

[size=9px]WARNING: The Help Me! Forum is for a proactive response to your help request, so be proactive in keeping an eye on it.[/size]

[size=14px]When posting a new Topic you will require the following[/size]

Subject: Briefly state the PROBLEM or TECHNOLOGIES you are having trouble with.

[size=9px]NOTE: 'Help me!', 'Please help.', 'I'm stuck! help.' and other such descriptions are not acceptable![/size]

First 3 Lines of your post: The first 3 lines must have the following 3 lines placed at the start of a new Topic thread.

System: Operating System + Optional Specs (CPU, memory, video card, other hardware, etc...)
Compiler/IDE: Name of the Compiler or IDE combination you are using
Libraries/API: Name(s) of the library or API(s) you are using if relevant. Otherwise specify 'None'.


System: Windows XP, Celeron M 1.8GHz, nVidia G80
Compiler/IDE: Delphi 2007 for Win32
API: DirectX 10
System: Linux/GP2X, Radeon Xpress M200 128MB
Compiler/IDE: Lazarus 0.9.22
System: Windows Vista/XBox360
Compiler/IDE: Chrome 2.0

Your message body: Be as descriptive as you can. The more relevant information you can provide, the easier it is for others to post information to help you. What is relevant information may not be as clear to you as it would be to others so don't be shy and just ask. The knowledge gained from the answers can only help you.

[size=9px]:idea: RECOMMENDATION: Please do some of the work yourselves before and after posting. Needing a few answers for things that are not easy to find or just rare is one thing, but asking to have all the work done for you and not taking the time to learn or research yourself is just plain lazy. The PGD community are a very friendly and helpful bunch, but please don't take advantage of that kindness.[/size]

Thank you for following these simple rules! I hope you receive the help you need here.