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Thread: Object Pascal on Game Consoles

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    I realize it might be bit pointless, but I'd LOVE to see support for old consoles, such as SNES or Genesis (ideally NES too as NES assembly is too hard for me).

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    Wow, you're lighting an old fire here.

    When adding support to such compilers as FPC (which has gotten easier after the addition of GBA/NDS!) you have to take into account of what CPU architectures that compiler can target. In the case of GBA, this wasn't possible until Florian and friends finally added ARM support. Once they did it opened the doors to more platforms which was taken advantage of and that's how there is GBA and NDS ROM compiling now.

    If you are truly interested in pursuing this I'd recommend looking up what hardware these consoles used. I believe the NES used the 68500 or whatever (same as the Apple II) and Genesis was the Zilog-80 or Z80 for short. If FPC supports it then maybe you can extend FPC's targeting to a new specific platform, if not then you would have to add or help add support.

    However if you are interested in console gaming just making something for the OUYA might be easier than trying to dig into old-school home-brew stuff. But again many people have their tinkering hobbies.

    NES info on Wikipedia
    SNES info on Wikipedia
    Genesis info on Wikipedia
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    I think that FPC will never support Z-80 as it's 8bit. I have a project on SourceForge to create a free open Pascal compiler for Z80 and derivatives (i.e. GameBoy "fake" Z80 clone) and in current state it allows to write very simple ASM stuff but I haven't time enough to work on it.
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